A haiku/love letter to Pinterest

Hello sweet Pinterest.

How I love your usefulness.

Let me count the ways…

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee! I want to sing it from the mountain tops, you are wonderful! Your organization, your visuals, your format. But wait, there might be some folks out there that don’t know you. GASP! There might even be some folks out there that despise you. Either way if you love it, hate it, or just don’t know what I’m talking about, we’re going to get to know a little bit about Pinterest.

people who use pinterest - Copy

Pro tip: You will NOT make your wedding professionals happy by saying “I saw this thing on Pinterest…”

Pinterest (not Pin-ter-est) is a social media site for sharing ideas and media. This is departure from its other social media buddies in the big three since they are more about life sharing (although many ideas and media are shared on Facebook and Twitter as well). Pinterest doesn’t necessarily give you a platform to TALK about yourself. Instead it gives you a platform to SHOW others what you’re interested in, and the things you care about.


Yes, the struggle is real.

One of its most unique options is the management of the information that your post. When you post or “pin” something, it gets stored into “(pin)board”. These boards allow you to organize your pins into as many categories as you choose, as well as the option to organize and edit once they are in their boards. This is a great way to recall information that you have pinned for later use. We will go into this more in a future post 🙂

Searching for ideas and topics is also incredibly easy! Say you’re looking for ideas for gifts for your kids’ teachers that aren’t just candy, or a snappy meme to tease your girlfriends with, or recipes for butternut squash. They’re all here.

If you’re on a mobile device click on the magnifying glass icon mag glass. If you’re on your desktop, navigate to the Pinterest search bar. Now you have the option to either enter your own text, or you can search by topic. Take a look around, there’s some great stuff in here!

search options in pinterest

Hey, I’m pointing to the search bar.

Maybe you don’t want to look for anything in particular, but you want to see what your friends and family are interested. You can do that too. On either mobile or desktop, simply click on the Pinterest icon pinterest icon  and you’re back to the home page.

Nailed it! That’s right. You’ve seen something flawlessly done on Pinterest, and you try it at home and it’s a complete disaster. This is dark side of Pinterest. It can be a DIY’ers paradise or worst nightmare.

nailed it cake

This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

This is one of the reasons that people don’t like Pinterest. You see something that is SO unrealistic to pull off, and then this happens (see nightmare above). Or you are planning your son’s 4th birthday party, and go to Pinterest to get train-themed party ideas, and then feel like a failure as a human being that you can’t reproduce something as nice for your child. DON’T GO DOWN THIS RABBIT HOLE PEOPLE! This is a trap! Use this site as a reference, or a place to get ideas, not a place to set the bar. Consider this, only 1% of the population looks like a supermodel. Pinterest content is generally the supermodel, the rest of us are the nailed it.

So here’s some of the good and bad of Pinterest. Take it as is, and use it well. It can be a great resource, or a big time sucker, and many times a little bit of both. Stay tuned for the next installment where we will go into setting up your boards.

Ilse Ferris

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