Always room to improve

You never know what paths will open up for you if you try something new. I’ve always had an interest in computers and video games. As a kid I spent hours just playing with the Encarta Mindmaze game that came with our first home computer.

Screenshot from Mindmaze game from Encarta software

“You might be a 90’s kid if you remember this!”

As I grew up I tended to lean more towards console games as it was just too expensive for a kid without a job to keep a powerful enough PC, thought StarCraft was always there for me on my PC, this lead to a life long love of video games.

When I was first started college I was dead set on getting into programming so I could program video games, as most video game enthusiasts do. However as I made it a few years into the course work it became clear that I would need to take a lot of classes that just didn’t interest me or felt like they would be above my skill-set. I decided to focus on another passion of mine in criminal sociology. I finished up my undergrad at the UMN Twin Cities in 2010 with a bachelor’s of science in Sociology of Law and Criminal Deviance. I didn’t really do too much computer wise for many years other than working in Excel and refurbishing a computer to be used in an arcade cabinet.

Image of the refurbished arcade machine

Another always improving project

After a few years working for the UMN Libraries I started working for Anoka county and met Veronica. I helped contribute a bit to her work there and when it became clear that she was moving on she passed her knowledge on to me rekindling my interest in programming. Since learning how to code in VbScript I’ve slowly been expanding my skillset learning through codecademy, helping teach other workers to code, and by just trying new things.

In my personal life I got married last year to a lovely woman whom I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with. Her support has been invaluable to me.

Photo of a wedding party being chased by a digitally inserted T-Rex

It was a lovely wedding despite the T-Rex attack. Photo courtesy of Studio Delphianblue

It’s been rather fun getting back into a possible future that I had pushed aside in the past. I’m looking forward to working with Op Inc and moving forward honing my skills and hopefully helping others hone theirs.

Charles Potter

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