Back button frustrating you?

Ever click the back button on an internet browser and nothing happens? It just appears to load the exact same page you’re currently at? Well we’ve got a handy tip you can use to avoid multiple clicks on the navigation buttons causing frustration and possibly going back too far.

The reason this happens is sometimes a website will load multiple instances of the same/similar looking website when you click a link. As such, your immediate history is filled with these hits. You can easily get around this by using the right click (Mac users Command + Click if you don’t have the right click button, tap and hold on mobile). This will bring up your immediate history for that tab on your internet browser. From here you can navigate back to before these multiple instances appeared. Here is an example where I’ve searched for something and then navigated deeper into the website. By right clicking on the back button I can navigate all the way back to my search results with fewer clicks of the back button.

Image of the immediate history menu pop up after right clicking on back button

Simply click on the Google Search results here to return to your searches.

Now you may be wondering, does this work the same for the forward button?

Image of forward popup that appears when right clicking a browser's forward button

Spoilers: It does.


With these tips you can use your browser like a pro navigating though things a lot faster and more efficient then before!

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Charles Potter

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