Do you know about iPhone – Medical ID?!?!

So this one blew my mind! Did you know that you can set up a medical ID on your iPhone?? It’s true! Lets pretend (knock on wood that this doesn’t happen of course) that you have been rendered unconscious in the zombie apocalypse. Then for whatever reason, they left you alone in the middle of the street and didn’t bite your face off. ┬áThe local “unturned” villagers arrive to try and help you… How do they know who you are? What amounts and type of blood to give you? Who they should call to come and protect your @$$ while you recover?? Well, if you happen to have an iPhone, they can use your medical ID! Even if the phone is locked!

Here’s how you make this happen!

Simply, launch the “health” app on your iPhone, it looks like this:

iPhone Health App Icon

Launch that puppy!

It will take you to a “Dashboard”, on the bottom right hand corner of that screen you will see “Medical ID”. When you tap “Medical ID” it will take you to a screen where you can select “Edit” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and then you can set it up!


Medical ID


So in short, here’s the steps that you “tap”… Health App, Medical ID, Edit… Badabing! Badaboom! You’re one step closer to being prepared for the zombie apocalypse! I for one, am ready! I have also prepared my hubby, and my momma! Bring it on!

He's got his iPhone medical ID set up!

He’s got his iPhone medical ID set up!

Laura Larson

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