Embarrassing Sticker on Someone’s Facebook post? Never again!

There are some Facebook posts that don’t warrant a screaming happy emoji face. Some of those posts might be by a rando friend you’ve had since grade school, who’s talking about something you wouldn’t normally comment on. Unfortunately you either sat on your phone, button mashed, fell asleep on the keyboard, or your child added this terribly inappropriate image. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, more than once, for all of the above reasons. Before you comment again and say something even further damning, here’s a nice little tip for you mobile Facebook users: you can DELETE that comment.


You know you’ve seen this more than once followed by an “oops, I don’t know how to get rid of that… sorry!”

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you’ll have to go to a computer to delete this mocking screaming face. Not so my friend, not so. Now let’s check out some screenshots so that you can casually remove your sticker (or other commentary) before someone else sees your whoopsie.


That’s a real conversation. Those are real comments. That really is a sticker on a post that didn’t require the emphasis of such a face.

Now that really is a terrible predicament to be in. I know you’ve been there, or had someone in your life (perhaps your parents?) ask you how to take care of this. On mobile it’s really a slick move. Just press and hold down your finger on the comment you want to delete (or edit). You’ll know it is responding to you when some options pop up, as in the image below.


Press and hold on your comment for some options.

Now you can choose any of the options listed, and continue editing your comments, or removing them in any way you choose to. For desktop users, you’ll see a little pencil tool pop up on your comment when you hover over it with your mouse. If you click this button, your editing options will also pop up. I am not going to tell you how many times I’ve needed to use this feature. I use it more often for editing than I do for removing comments, but either way this is a Facebook easter egg, of sorts, that I’m happy to share with you. Happy deleting/editing and in general sculpting an image of yourself in the more groomed fashion that you’re used to. (Please note, that is not my inbox with 217 unread emails…)

Jacqui Cary

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