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Ever see those awesome PowerPoint present and wish you could impress at your next presentation with something similar? Well you’re in luck because today we’re going to go over a few tips to get started on your way to PowerPoint mastery.

Tip #1: Don’t have a black text on white background slide. There are hundreds of templates already loaded onto your version of PowerPoint. When you start a new project you get a wide array of templates to start with. Browse through them and find something that fits the tone of your presentation. If you’re making a PowerPoint presentation for an organization you should see if they have a template you can use.

Image of template options with the blank template option crossed out.

No blank presentations!

Tip #2: Keep your slides to the point. Don’t copy and paste your whole prepared speech into the slide (I had a teammate do that on a college project once and the teacher was not very happy!). Working off of slides with bullet points shows a level of understanding by the presenter and instills confidence from the audience.

Tip #3: Add images to keep people’s eyes focused. When you’re added new slides to your presentation remember to sprinkle in some slides with images. To add a new slide simply navigate to the insert ribbon, then click new slide, the dropdown menu will give you more options including layouts that contain fields for text and images.

Image of new slides menu showing options for new slides

Remember to find a balance between using too many difference slides and too few.

Experiment with various different slides to see which ones you like. Remember you’re building something to keep people’s attention and give them supplemental information while you speak. You don’t want them focusing too much on the slides and not on the content of the presentation.

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Charles Potter

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