Google That $**: Narrowing down your searches (Part 1)

So you’ve decided to try to google an answer for yourself, but how are you to know you found the right answer? It can be a bit daunting looking at the results of a search sometimes. Today we’re going to discuss a few tips to help find what you’re looking for.

  1. Ads: When you search terms sometimes you will notice that the top result has a little ad icon next to it. These are sponsored links. Websites will pay google to promote their sites by listing them at the top of search results related to their website. These results may not always be what you are looking for so you may want to train your brain to ignore the results with the Ad icon next to them.

    example of the ad results when searching on Google

    While the result may be what you’re looking for, remember that people pay to have this result pop up first when you search.

  2. Try different words: When you start searching something start broad: say you want to find a shelving unit for N64 games. You will probably want to start with N64 game shelf. If that doesn’t yield results try spicing it up by adding other synonyms or other more specific words. Try things like N64 game wall shelf, N64 cartridge shelf wall, etc. Remember if one search doesn’t yield what you’re looking for, don’t give up! The info you want is probably out there, but someone used a different word.
  3. Tabs: When you’re searching for a specific type of content, a general google search may not be the best option. When you enter a search term into google, it will do it’s best to try to determine what you might be looking for.
    Image showing the various tabs that allow Google searching to be narrowed down.

    Here you can see some of the tabs available to your to narrow your search.

    However, if you’re specifically looking for a video, image, map, shopping, etc you can use these tabs to narrow your results down to only the specific type of content you’re looking for.

    image of having clicked the image tab to view only image search results

    Here you can see what your search results look like when viewing the image tab.


With these few tips you will already see a notable difference in the quality of results you get. Next time we are going to dig into Boolean logic and tips to search for how to do things yourself!

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Charles Potter

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