How to make a scrapbook for your kid on Facebook


Today’s post is going to be focusing on Facebook. If you’re a parent and born after 1945, you’re probably using Facebook to share photos of your child with your friends and family around the world. Often, we just upload them as we go. But that’s not exactly organized. How would you go about changing privacy settings for images of your child? It would be challenging, without simply bombing out your Facebook and starting over. Typically, that isn’t something we want to do. Not to mention: to find your photos (or someone else’s), you’d need to sort through ALL of their photos, and that can be a problem! Sometimes albums work, but then Facebook’s tagging becomes problematic: what if someone else uploads a picture? See how it can get… complicated?

Luckily, Facebook recently announced an easier way to do it: scrapbooks. With a Facebook scrapbook, you can tag your kid in your photos, and other people’s photos, just as if they were a Facebook user. That makes it easier to find photos of your kid (or someone else’s kid), delete/hide photos you don’t want public, and organize the seemingly-endless stream of baby pics and videos in your life. Your child will also show up as a family member in Facebook (something that you can tweak in privacy settings).

To start (on desktop), simply create a new family member in your “About” tab, under the “Family and Relationships” section.

An image of a Facebook "add Family Members" dialog, with "Add Scrapbook" selected and the privacy settings highlighted.

Highlighted in red is the “add scrapbook” feature; in purple is the privacy settings (set to “Only Me” so that nobody sees the fake kid I’m adding, prompting awkward questions from my family and friends).

If you’re on mobile, it’s a bit more challenging. Under your “About” section, scroll until you see “More About You”, then scroll down until you see “add a new family member”. Then, fill out similar to how we did it above:

An image of a Facebook "add Family Members" dialog on a mobile device, with "Add Scrapbook" selected and the privacy settings highlighted.In purple is the privacy settings for this, and the “add scrapbook” option is a little swipe-y thing.

After setting up your family member this way, with “Add Scrapbook” checked, Facebook will guide you through the process.

Note: you can also create a scrapbook from within another scrapbook, by simply selecting “create scrapbook” in the top-right corner of the cover photo.

Now, you simply tag your child in photos, just like you would anyone else! You can keep their photos neat and organized, and forward the link to anyone you’d like (within the privacy settings you set up above).

It’s missing a few features that would really set it over the top. For example, while I wouldn’t want just anybody tagging photos of my child, the current settings let only you (and one other person, typically a partner or the child’s other parent) tag the child from the scrapbook. I’d prefer if the options were more flexible: I’d like to be able to let grandparents/siblings/others tag my child, as long as I could control it, that is. In addition to this missing functionality, there isn’t a lot of fine-grained permissions settings or album settings; the ability to create albums within the scrapbook would be wonderful. But hey, it’ll probably evolve just like “like buttons” did. 🙂

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