Hunt & Peck; Voice to text no more! Swype.


Before I begin gushing about my Swype keyboard, let me just state that this is an unpaid endorsement.

I super love my Swype keyboard. Instead of hunting and pecking, even if you’re fast, you get to slide your finger from beginning of word to end of word letters!

swype keyboard

Just slide your finger from one letter to the next. When you’re done with a word, just lift it up and start in on the next one, spaces get added automatically. And spelling corrections are made for you! Or you can tap on the letters too.

You don’t have to pick it up! In fact, don’t or it wont work. There are some learning curves to the app, however once you’ve mastered it, it begins to learn your habits. After some time, wild swishing across your keyboard (because you don’t know how to spell a common word) will actually produce the word you’re looking for! There are custom themes that are available, in case you prefer to set your own color preferences. There are also some lesser known features, which I plan to share with you.

Further proof that this is an amazing app: if you’re a speech to text person, you’ve still got that option. But you might decide that you’d rather skip the sharing-everything-you’re-sending-to-your-significant-other-with-everyone-in-the-room thing and just Swype it instead.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android. As an android user, I believe that I paid .99 for the app in 2010 and have had it follow me until my current phone. I’m not sure what it goes for in whatever apple store is called for iPhones. (Lifelong Android pride, FTW)

swype for ios

Hmm, to add selfie to the dictionary or to not? Might as well save it by clicking on the option.

Please give it a shot. I’d spend more time convincing you, but I think its a time saver, that you’ll really love. Plus, I’ve learned a BUNCH of hotkeys for it, which surprised the techiest person I know. No more removing all text from your input box by deleting everything, just a simple hotkey. I’ve got a series planned for you. Anyway, download it and give it a shot. It really is great. If you decide you don’t like it, I’m pretty sure that apple store for iPhone gives a refund within the 30 day window if you decide its not for you, just like the play store does.

I’d like to hear your favorite text input methods for your mobile or tablet. I’m always up for trying a new thing. So far, I’ve tried a few different keyboards, and somehow I’ve always gone back to good old Swype.¬†What do you do? Have you found a similar app that you just love? If so, tell me about it!


Oh, and because its hard to take a screenshot of your working keyboard, all images are courtesy of

Jacqui Cary

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