Latest Email Phishing Scam

We just wanted to take some time today to highlight a email phishing scam that has been spreading this week. You may get an email from a friend that seems like a simple friend request. However it doesn’t list what website the friend request is for. DO NOT CLICK any of the buttons on the email!  Once you do your email will be stored, and used to contact other people spreading the scam. Here is an image of what the email looks like.

example of email showing a very vague friend request

If you get an email like this DO NOT CLICK  any of the buttons or links.

The email is sent from a dummy account made to look like your friend’s email account. If you hover over any of the buttons or links you will see where they will actually lead which will be some long website address to a website you’ve never heard of. Doing a bit of googling on the PO Box on the email it seems to be a location that receives other scam emails, and money gathering scams.

Again just delete the email, and do not click any of the links or buttons on it. Pass this along to anyone you think might be affected by this, or if you clicked on any of the links yourself.

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Charles Potter

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