Messaging and sharing pins on Pinterest

A couple weeks ago my husband asked me if you could direct message someone on Pinterest. Being the super savvy Pinterest user that I am I said “Yeah, I don’t think so.” ┬áNeedless to say that I was wrong. Good thing too, otherwise how would you get a hold of those awesome pinners (not to mention this would be a really short article)? So without further ado, let’s message someone!

If you’re on your mobile device, click on the message box on the footer bar at the bottom of the screen. If on the web, click on the pins symbol next to your name. Then click on “New message.”


New message coming right up!

Secondly, select who you’d like the send a message(s) to and hit next. Now the recipient will get an email, a message alert on their Pinterest account (or however else based on the user preferences). Pretty simple, eh? Well it is now that you know that the option is there that is ­čÖé

messages next step

Select one or multiple pinners to message.

Now let’s say you see a pin that makes you say “oooh, you know who would like this pin? (Insert said awesome person’s name here).” Well luckily enough we can send message pins too. Instead of pinning the pin, select send and then choose the pinner(s) you want to send it to. Again super easy.

sending pins

Awesome pin coming your way!

Well that wraps up messaging on Pinterest. Stay tuned to learn more about organizing your boards, and more about social media.

Ilse Ferris

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