Outlook – Managing Email Like A Boss

Is your email a big mess? Do you receive so much email in a day that there’s no world where you could ever read it all? Email management can be ridiculously time consuming… As in it’s ridiculous that it takes so much time. Actually, that’s an understatement. Managing email can be downright OVERWHELMING. Well, once again we’re here to help! Did you know that you can set your email up so that messages from specific addresses go straight in to a predetermined folder to be dealt with “later” (the best time to do everything), thus not cluttering your inbox? This is especially helpful with emails that you receive on a daily basis!

Here’s what you do!

  • First you will need to create a folder that will serve as a destination for these messages. To do this, go the left side of your home screen, hover over “inbox”, right click, and select “New Folder”. A folder will be created, and you can name it whatever tickles your fancy!
You gotta have a spot for the emails you want to filter!

You gotta have a spot for the emails you want to filter!

  • Next, select a message from a sender that you would like to “target”. Right click and a menu will pop up, in this menu you will see “rules”, “create rule”, or something of the like. Select this!
Keep going until you get to "create rule".

Keep going until you get to “create rule”.

  • Once you select “create rule” a dialog box will appear, this is where you can make magic! As you can see, there are several options. In this case I chose to have all emails from Pinterest go in to my “Pinterest” folder. Once you’re done hit “OK”, and you’re all set! From here on out, all emails from Pinterest will go straight in to their new folder, as opposed to my inbox. Now they can be perused at a time that is convenient for me, thus freeing me up to see higher priority emails that come in.


Hopefully you are one step closer to being an Outlook wizard! Tune in soon to learn more short cuts and pro tips! If someone you know could benefit from this information please feel free to share away! Also, if you have your own Outlook tips feel free to share them! We are always looking for new inspiration!


Laura Larson

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