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Welcome back to our next installment about Pinterest. Hopefully you’re intrigued enough to give the site (or app, if you’re mobile) a try. Again, I am a Pinterest fan, and hope you will be too! So let’s jump right in.

nailed it

Did I mention that I love “nailed it”s?  I LOVE THEM! Big fan.

How do I get started? Well the first step is to sign up.  Go to if you’re on the web. Otherwise you can download the free app on just about any mobile device. Once you’re signed up, you should finish your set up by going into the settings tab.

In “Edit settings” you can change privacy settings, add a picture to your profile, write a little blurb about yourself, and manage your notifications. This I find really important, since I don’t want to be notified every time someone pins my pin. Life is too short, so take the time to update your notification preferences. You can also choose to connect using other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail).

The next option is “Find friends.” Pretty self explanatory, but this is where you can look up friends and family to follow. If you’ve updated your settings to log into Pinterest with one of aforementioned social networks, it’s very easy. Most of the time, there will already be a list of people from your social network contacts that will be suggested for you to follow. You also have the option to invite people via email if they don’t already have an account.

edit profile

Widget. What the hell is a widget?

I know what you’re thinking, in fact, I think I already said it: what the hell is a widget? If you are someone who has a website, and are looking to refer a person or link a person to your Pinterest boards, you can make a widget. Basically it’s a bunch of computer code that will create a link for users to follow your profile on Pinterest. Since this is geared towards beginners, we won’t go into it further here. If interested in learning more about widgets, Pinterest has a lot of good information if you click on “Make a widget.”  As always, I also encourage you to GTS.

If you’re on the mobile app (as I think most people are), your options were the same up until this widget business. Mobile users do not have the “Make a widget” option. What they have instead are “order history,” “payment methods,” and “address.” This is because now you have the option to purchase some of the items that you see on Pinterest. Honestly I have not purchased anything here. This seems like a slippery slope. Late night with a couple of glasses of wine could land me in a heap of very stylish clothes, and a great deal of debt. If you want my advice, proceed with caution.

featured image pinterest boards

So close to pinning paradise…

The last option you have is the option to get help. While I have not needed to use the Pinterest help center, it is laid out very well, and is very user friendly. If you need help with your account or want to block someone, here is where you do it.

Once you’ve done all that, go to your profile, and simply hit the “+”  to create a new board. Name that board whatever you like. Have fun! This is your space to be funny and creative. Now you can start the fun part; the pinning. Start searching for topics you like, or see what your fellow pinners are interested in. If you like something you can “like” it by selecting the heart icon. Otherwise if you want to share this with others or save it for yourself for later, then hit the “Pin it” button, and select the category (board) you want to store it in. Congrats, you’ve officially made your first pin! Now repeat a thousand more times 🙂

ilse pin board

These are some of my actual boards. Obviously I think I’m pretty clever.

Well there you have it, creating an account, boards and pinning items. Our next posts about Pinterest will cover how to communicate with other pinners, creating secret boards and more!

Ilse Ferris

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