Siri lock screen bypass debunked

Recently there’s been a video going around showing someone using Siri and a couple of tricks to get into a locked phone the person “doesn’t” have access to. This video (note: original video has NSFW language) is completely staged.

The person appears to be opening Siri from a locked iPhone, asking what the time is, and the phone gives him access to the clock app and then with a few tricks he explains he can finally hit the home button and gain access to his home screen. Did you catch the trick he used to get into his iPhone?

Image of the Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) having an Aha moment.

The Doctor spotted it.

iPhones now have a touch ID feature which recognizes the owner’s finger prints. It read his print when he called upon Siri, and it read his print when he hit that final home button. We’re happy to say that this exploit shouldn’t be a concern as long as you set up your touch ID on your iPhone.


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Charles Potter

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