Siri Rocks Socks! (Volume 1 – Passwords)

This one is going to be quick and dirty! All the better to read, and get back to work!! AmIright??

Well… In the age of a thousand passwords, and all their requirements (Numbers, letters, symbols, yada-yada-yada!), coming up with a password can be a downright crotchety YOTCH!!! I have literally sat at my desk, at work, for like fifteen minutes trying to come up with a password that meets all of the requirements cast down upon us from the security deities!

Password Meme

The struggle is real.

Fifteen minutes, times x amount of workers, equals a lot of time! Do you know what I could do with fifteen minutes? As a new mother, a hot shower with shaved legs comes to mind as an amazing use of fifteen minutes! (Obviously, not at work!) Well… Did you know that you can ask Siri ¬†for a password? It’s true! She will give you one, and it will be STRONG! Here’s what you do:

Step 1… You hold down that home button on the bottom center part of your iPhone! Within a matter of seconds, up pops Siri asking “What can I help you with?”

Siri - What can I help you with?

She’s so nice!

Step 2… Say to her, “Wolfram, password.” From there an 8 character password will be generated that has both capital and lower case letters, as well as numbers.

Siri - Wolfram, password.

Super strong, 8 character password, in seconds?? Yes please!!!

Step 2b (Optional)… If you need the password to be more or less characters you can always say so when you make your request; ex. “Wolfram, password, 10 characters.”

Step 3 (Optional)… As you will see, the password she gives you will be very strong. “Time to enumerate, 229 years, at 100k passwords per second.” Srsly?? However, the super strong password is probably also very hard to remember… From there I would take a minute or two to make it a little more personal/rememberable, or add a symbol if that is a requirement. This may take a slight edge off the strength, but in my humble opinion, we have a little wiggle room!

So there you have it! Stop wasting time trying to come up with passwords, and just ask Siri! Also… Just a friendly reminder that especially with things like your bank account/s, change early and change often! You can’t be too cautious these days! This is your first, and arguably best, line of defense against the bad computery goons out there!

Laura Larson

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