Start smart: Adding programs to your startup menu


People are creatures of habit. We like to sit in the same spot in a movie theater, we order our favorite meal when we go to a restaurant, we pick just the left side of our nose(wait, what…). We also use the same set of programs on our computers.

Seriously, that's my seat...

Seriously, that’s my seat…

So why not start smart, and add programs to your start menu. That way your favorite programs will start up when your computer does. I mean really, who wants to double-click a bunch of times? I’d rather get a cup of coffee, or catch up on the office scuttlebutt while my computer works for me. That’s right you motherboard, you work for me now (insert maniacal laughter here).

Like most topics in our blogs, it’s pretty simple once you know how to do it. Just follow these steps, and we’ll remain in control of the machines for another day. These instructions should work all the way back to Microsoft Vista, but also work for newer versions like Windows 10. The first thing we need to do is to determine which program you want. When you’ve picked out a program, then we need to find it. Here’s how we get the information needed:

  1. In “search windows” field, search for your program of choice
  2. Right click on the program, and select the “Open file location” option
  3. Right click on the program again in the file location, and select the “Copy” option

Now we have to add the program to the start menu. Warning: there’s a hotkey coming up. Hopefully you’ve been boning up on hotkeys in Veronica’s posts 🙂


Start me up...

Start me up…

  1. Open up the “Run” dialog box by using your hotkeys (I hope everyone is using their hotkeys) Windows key + R. Type “shell:startup”, and pressing OK.
  2. This brings you directly to the start menu without having search high and low for it. Once you’re here, right click anywhere in the file (the white space), and copy your program.
  3. Restart your computer, and your programs will start up your computer.

Success! You’ve adding a program to your start menu! If you are adding more than one program, repeat steps 1-5. You will not need to restart after each program, only when you’re done. Thanks for starting smart, and stay tuned to the next topic coming soon!

Ilse Ferris

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