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We all know at least one of them. They could be your next-door neighbor, your co-worker across from you, your mother-in-law. It could even be someone in your own home…gasp! That’s right, I’m talking about the desktop disaster in you life. Not pointing fingers, we’ve all had to manage chaos before, but chaos from your computer programs and files should go extinct. Don’t worry friends, I’m here to help!

Where did I put that cat video?

Where did I put that cat video?

There’s a couple simple fixes to having to manage unnecessary links and files on your desktop. For all you Pinterest fans out there, it involves pinning (that’s right, that’s a verb). Pinning programs and folders makes your heavily used items easy to access and super organized.

Pin a program to the task bar

Pining programs to your task bar is an easy win for quick access. If  you already have the program running, simply right-click on the program button (or icon) in the footer of your desktop. You can also grab the program button from the footer, and drag it towards the desktop. Either way, the program’s “jump list” will appear. Now you can select “Pin this program to taskbar”. If the program is not open, search for program (using your handy-dandy search capability on the taskbar). Once you find the program, right-click and select “Pin to taskbar”. Boom, done!

I pin thee!

I pin thee!

In the example the program “File Explorer” was open (so it was displayed in the footer of the desktop), and now it’s pinned to the taskbar. This means that every time I restart my computer, the File Explorer program will be ready for me to access.

The taskbar has some cool little indicators about the status of your programs. Referring to the example below, the programs File Explorer, Google Chrome and Slack are all pinned to the task bar.

Hello, I'm the example of the task bar.

Hello, I’m the example of the task bar.

File Explorer is ready to use, but not currently in use. We can tell because it’s not highlighted or underlined. Google Chrome on the other hand is open and currently being used. We can tell because it is highlighted and underlined. Slack is open, but is not currently being used. We can tell because it is underlined, but it’s not highlighted.

Congrats! You are getting more organized, and getting up and running faster! If you haven’t already, pin the File Explorer to your taskbar. It will make your life easier! Plus it will piggy-back on our next topic: pinning folders.

Ilse Ferris

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