Taking screenshots like a pro

While working in an organization you may have been asked to take a screenshot to report errors, or show someone something on your screen. The only problem being they often don’t tell you how to take a screenshot at all! Luckily you’ve got us here to walk you through some of the basics of taking a screenshot.

Windows makes taking a screenshot simple by hitting the print screen key

Image of the keyboard with arrow pointing to print screen key

The print screen key is usually abbreviated and located to the right of the Function (F) keys.


However when you hit the key, depending on your machine’s and programs settings, your computer may actually print the screen to your printer. Typically you’d like the screenshot to be saved to your clip board, allowing you to easily copy and paste the screenshot wherever you need to insert it (Remember your hot keys when copy and pasting! ).

Now lets discuss some of the ways to enhance your screenshots. Say you’re trying to send a screenshot of an error message to your computer person but you have private data on the screen, or you don’t want them to see you using facebook in the background. Well you can simple make sure that your active window is the error message, you can do this by click on the error message. Then you can hit ALT + Printscreen at the same time. This will create a screenshot of only the active window. This is also very helpful in focusing your screenshot if you’re trying to create instructions.
Image showing the ALT key and Print Screen key

Please note that some keyboards may have different abbreviation for print screen, or some laptops do not have print screen keys. Please consult your manuals for your laptop if you don’t see a print screen key, it will likely contain different keyboard shortcuts to get the same results.

Now if you’re a Mac person you will have different options for taking a screenshot. For Mac you will need to press the Command ⌘ + Shift + 4 keys all at the same time. This will produce a crosshair which you can click and drag to select the area you want to take a screenshot of. The screenshot will then be saved to your desktop in a .PNG file format.

Image showing the command, shift, and 4 highlighted

Just press the 3 highlighted keys to activate the print screen function


The functionality to instantly save your file and select only what you want even outside of a window might make Windows users a bit jealous. Luckily for Windows users there are solutions for this that we discussed previously!


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Charles Potter

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