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William Shakespeare said “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. I feel the same applies to technology.  Some people just are born great at technology. My partner for instance, she just “gets it”. It’s like it’s her first language, she is simply a natural.

Others whom achieve greatness are usually those self-proclaimed “techies” in your office, or a relative that can put together a shared calendar, or a wicked slide show. Personally, I love a wicked slide show, but I digress.

Then there are those that have technology thrust upon them.  It is to you readers that I address.  Not out of pity, or self-righteousness, but out of duty. For I am one of you. I have had technology trust upon me, and like many of you, I’m treading water with a gaping wound on my leg in shark infested waters.  It’s a technology driven world out there, and you better know what you’re doing.

blank stare sherlock

Sure I know how to move files using a macro….

I am what’s known as a cusper. This is a person considered to have been born on a cusp between significant generations (thank you Wiktionary).  Although I have a lot of qualities of my own generation (Generation X), I also have many other qualities of the newer generation (millennials).

For instance, I am very comfortable with email, instant messaging and texting as forms of communication.  In fact if you call me, my first thought will be that you are having some sort of medical emergency, and in your haste you mashed the screen of your phone until any number started ringing, and as luck has it, mine was it.  God help you if you stop by my house without first alerting me with one of the above acceptable means of communication.  A knock on the door can only mean one of two things: a home invasion of man,or alien kind.


What do you mean you were just in the neighborhood? Why didn’t you text me?!?!?!

This also means that I am expected to know and use technology to its upmost potential, while not having the opportunity to “grow up” with it. My first seven or eight years in the workforce didn’t even require me to have an email address.  Now you can’t preorder a burrito without one. Schools are teaching students computer skills and programming languages from the get go, but “back in my day” computers were used for playing The Oregon Trail, keyboarding class or word processing, and that’s about it.

word gif

That’s right, I googled this.  Don’t judge me.

Want a real time example of my technological unease and incompetence?  Coming right up! In the name of “up my blogging game”, I thought “Hey a gif would be super fun in here”.  So I took to google. Upon selecting one of the fine options from my search (pictured above) I’ve learned that this doesn’t actually work.  It is beside the point that this is not going to be published as a word document. Remember this is a judge free zone.

dignify grumpy cat

The struggle is real.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in this post it is this: DON’T BE AFRAID TO GOOGLE IT!  GTS (Google that, err, syntax), has not only become a common phrase, but a way of life.  GTS’ing is the new “fake it ‘til you make it”.  All the information is out there for the taking, you just have to be brave and go get it.

Now that the truth is out there, and the facts have been faced, join me in breaking some old habits (double spacing after periods anyone?),  and learning a couple new things.  So take a big breath, and let’s take the plunge into this brave new world.

wrong wayUmmm, you should probably ignore that sign.

Ilse Ferris

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