Using QuickTime or iTunes on Windows? You might want to take action.

Those of us who work in tech have known this was coming for a while, but it was announced this week that Apple is discontinuing QuickTime for Windows amid security vulnerabilities. You can read about the security vulnerabilities here. This matters to many Windows users, as QuickTime has historically been a very popular app for watching video or listening to music. Recently announced security vulnerabilities have the potential to allow malicious users to take control of your computer!

Luckily, getting rid of this (now abandoned) Apple product is super easy.

  1. Press “R” and the Windows key to start a run dialog, then write “control panel” and press enter.
  2. Navigate to “uninstall a program” or “programs and features” (it could be either-or depending on how your computer is set up).
  3. Select QuickTime from the list, right click it, and select “Uninstall” (see the image below).
  4. Follow any on-screen instructions.
An image showing the "quicktime" application being uninstalled.

This isn’t so hard.

If you don’t have QuickTime, you’re set already! Even if you don’t have iTunes, you might see this app in your list. If you do, uninstall it as soon as possible!

Uninstalling this (now abandoned) application, and applications like it, is a smart move in preventing spyware, malware, and generally slow machines. While you’re in your application list, check out other apps that might be ready for the boot! Here at Operation Incredible, we regularly go through our app lists and remove the old apps as soon as possible.

Be smart! Be safe! Keep your computer clean!

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