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I often feel as though I am a combination of contradictions, and I imagine that I am not alone in this sentiment. I think that often when we look inside ourselves we find that our pieces are not ‘supposed’ to go together. I have been an athlete most of my life, and yet I am particularly uncoordinated with very poor hand-eye coordination. My personality type puts me firmly in the introvert camp, yet I have no qualms about public speaking and can be considered particularly outgoing. So I have spent much of my time figuring out where I belong, where I can add value and feed my own desires.Beautiful Nature - web

I found a passion that filled my need for balance, math, beauty, color, and storytelling in photography. It encompassed my love of adventure and could help me share my view of the beauty in so many aspects of our world. Though my structured mind did not fit well with the others that shared my passion and I found no community amongst the artists that I found in school.

I found my way to Human Services at Ramsey County and found a fit for that structured mind. County system, government bureaucracy and policy rules are my deal. I get policy. They fit in place in a way that makes so much sense to me. The really fun thing is that once you understand the rules like that, it becomes very easy to navigate around them to make them work the way you need them to. I could help people; I could guide them through this system. I became the policy ninja.

I still did not quite belong. I was recently in a staff development training where I was asked to demonstrate a certain communication style and after doing so heard someone say, “Where did they find her?”. It was one of those reminders that I need to tone myself down a little. I can be considered brusque and a little intense. I fit the work, but not the community.

Then something incredible happened. I was offered the opportunity to learn to write Scripts with the fabulously intense woman, Veronica. So I learned to code in VBScript. I was hooked almost immediately. I am going to tell you a secret about coding, it is simply a series of rules written out to form a kind of story, a journey. It gives the programmer the ability to create something out of practically nothing. You learn the rules so you can make them do exactly what you want. Bonus points for me because in the process of learning this new passion, I met the amazing team at Operation Incredible that share and appreciate my excitement and intensity.

Fractal Pattern

So I will share with you the things I find amazing and fabulous, like Excel (it’s the grid, I love me a grid), photography and images – particularly the rules of thirds (spoiler – it’s another grid), and factorials. Ummm… probably not that last one, not sure when it would come up but if you want to discuss them, you know where to find me.


Casey Love

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